Intimate Soft Opening of MISLA Muslimah Boutique

Assalamu’alaikum gorgeous!

Alhamdulillah the soft opening of MISLA Muslimah Boutique was successful. My team and I has prepared this boutique for 2 months. Alhamdulillah, despite of many obstacles and pressures, we can make it, finally!🙂

I personally wanna say thanks a lot to the customers who came to our small boutique, and had some chit chat with me and others. Now I have lots of new friends.. Yippy!😀

I also wanna say many thanks to my friends at Hijabers Community who came at that day. They were Fika, Fitri, Kara, Rommy, & Tantri.. I hope you all had a good time!🙂

So.. Welcome!

My lovely hubby and I.. Thanks for your tremendous supports bapaaak.. *kiss*

Let’s come in gorgeous…

 Fika – Rommy – Me – Tantri – Kara – Fitri

Thanks to Fauzia & mba Melly who also came to the opening! Let’s strike a pose!😆

MISLA also wanna say thank youuu to The Dreams Cake (teh Dara) who sponsored the soft opening with super delicious rainbow steamed cupcakes.. Yummy!

You also could find the happening Jarcakes from The Dreams Cake at our boutique! Yum Yum..

I’ll post more about MISLA Muslimah Boutique SOON. Wait for it gorgeous!



Ola Aswandi


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