My Wedding Ceremony Photos ♥

Hi there! At last, I finally got the wedding photos from the photographer..🙂

I wanna share my wedding ceremony photos first, especially photos of my wedding Abaya  and my hijab style.

I bought the Abaya on Arafah Collection, JACC Tanah Abang, Indonesia. The price is around $ 95, and the grey square hijab with swarovski cost for about $ 25.

Overall, I was wearing about 4 layers of hijab.. hahaha, so many, isn’t it? The first or the basic hijab was made by Ardelya Scarf. It’s called Shining Shawl Basic Whitesilver. I love this hijab, because the fabric contains glitter in it. It makes my look more glamorous.😀

The 2nd layer was that grey square hijab with swarovski accent. The stylist made an asymmetrical style for it, and she also made flowers from the rest of the hijab. Good job!

The 3rd layer was a silver net. I bought it around 1.25 meters on a fabric store at Tanah Abang. You can’t see it clearly from the front side. But you can see it on the photo below:

For the same look with the abaya, I told the stylist to put my pearl necklace on my head.Do you see it?:mrgreen:

The 4th layer was that long tulle pashmina to give me a final bridal look..hahaha..

Upps, I forget that lilies!!! Yeah, I had prepared 2 lilies one day before the wedding ceremony. I really wanna wear my favorite flowers on my head in my wedding day.  I looooove them soo muchooo..🙂

I reaaaally love my hijab style!!! The make up artist was so goood.. She can understand what I want for the make up and the hijab style, yaaaaay….. Thanks so much dear!

That’s it readers! I’ll post the photos of my wedding reception ASAP..😉



40 thoughts on “My Wedding Ceremony Photos ♥

  1. You’re very welcome.
    Actually, soon we’re launching moslem bridal dress for the first time. I really wished that you’re the first one who wear’s it.
    Arafah’s designer

  2. aslmkum.. permisi… uni ola dan arafah’s designer..
    aku lagi nyari baju tuk pernikahanku nanti.. and i’m so interest with abaya that ola wears on her wedding..
    mau dong dikasih info atau link atau apa aja tentang arafah collection.. trims..
    i wish i could use ur collection and bas beautiful as ola abaya..
    (maaf klo bhasa inggrisnya ngaco..hihihi..just try..)🙂

  3. assalamualaikum..
    sama seperti siska..mau tau info ttg arafah collection..
    di tanah abangnya lantai brp ya?
    ada website atau apa gt?dicari di google ko ga nemu..
    Thank you soooo much :*

  4. Hi everyone, for your information. The wedding dress already out at Arafah collection. There’s only 2 gowns for right now.
    Good luck to all of you.
    Sam, Arafah’s designer

  5. Assalamualaikum,

    I came across your blog, whilst googling bridal dresses and I can only say you looked mashaAllah very beautiful and your dresses were absolutely GORGEOUS. I also love the way you created the hijabi bridal look!very inspiring🙂
    Is there a website were these dresses can be purchased? Im from the UK and would love to wear this or something similar for my niKah/aqd inshaAllah.

    JazakAllah and Mubarak on your wedding

    • Walaikumsalam,
      hi dear, thanks for visiting my blog..🙂
      awwwh, you make me blushing..😆
      well, the shop don’t have a website or online shop to be looking at.. but I know similiar designer who also design beautiful abaya, it’s called Irna La Perle. this is her website..
      I hope they can help you, and they can ship the dress for you in UK..🙂
      Good luck on your wedding!

      • Assalamualaikum hunny,

        Awww, no really you, your outfit and the whole day looked really beautiful mashaAllah..:)
        Thank you soo much for the recommeneded website – I have just checked out the pics and they are really STUNNING!
        Do you know approximately how one would cost? I know you mentioned your outfit was $95 would there be any others in that region as I really want one lol?

        Take care, have a fab day


    • Assalaualaikum,

      Thank you for the information. I would like to know if this outfit is still available please. The one which sister Haura is wearing or anything which is similar?

      Thank you

      Shabana x

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  7. Aslmkm.
    I was amazed with your hijab for few minutes!
    I want it for my wedding, how can i get the hijab?
    by the way, the hijab is ready to wear or u need to style it on your own?
    im totally loving it.
    really appreciate if you can mail me

    • sorry for slow respond.. well, actually I dont know which website that sell this kind of hijab. it’s made by a stylist, I just have to prepare the hijabs.. and the hijab was found on local mart..😀

  8. Mba, ardelya scarf itu bisa didapet dimana, ya… Aku cari di web ga ada ya…
    Mba Cantik banget deh outfit nya, juga si jilbab stylistbnya oke deh, bisa minta data si jilbab stylistbnya mba?

  9. Ola.. cantik banget deh!! bajunya, make-upnya, semuanya!
    Kemaren aku juga sempet mesen kerudung di ardelya buat pengajian. tapi batal gara-gara waktunya udah mepet, takut kirimannya ga sampe sblm hari H.
    Anyway, selamat ya..!

  10. Mbak Ollaaaa..
    You were so stunning!
    Beautiful indeed, dan masnya juga ganteng..
    I wish when I have my own wedding ceremony one day, I’ll be as beautiful as you🙂

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