Wedding Reception: Be the Reds!

It’s time to share my wedding reception photos! ;-) I was wearing traditional outfit from Java, Indonesia, called Kebaya for the top. But for the skirt, I wore a traditional Songket from Sumatera. Actually I didn’t come from Java origin (my man does), I came from West Sumatera, where people don’t wearing any kebaya. Instead of Kebaya, we have Baju Kurung. It’s quite similiar with malaysian outfit. My wedding reception theme was “Minang Modification”, it was first recognized when an indonesian artist and singer named Bunga Citra Lestari was wearing this Kebaya on her West-Sumatera-(Minang)- wedding. Here she is:

and this is a traditional Minang outfit:

FYI, My Kebaya’s design was made by myself lhoooo.. And I’m very satisfied with the result! *thumbsss*

Now, please enjoy my backstage and wedding reception photos.. :mrgreen:

I was surrounded by 3 make up artists! hahaha, it was because the clock is ticking! we have to rush!

We’re ready to rock!! :D

The wedding theme was red and silver with a little of gold touch.. The reason was simply because I LOVE RED sooo mucchooo.. and silver is my 2nd favorite color.. :)

The kids in front of us are my niece and nephew.. They are so cute, aren’t they? :)

with The Apems, My bridemaids.. :) :

and we also got the chance to take a photo with Fika.. a hijab blogger who wanna get married on December. She’ll use the same catering service too.. Thanks for coming Fika! ;-)

This is it.. I hope you could feel our happiness through these photos.. :)



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Proud muslimah, founder of @MISLAwebstore, Committee of @Hijaberscomm.

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  1. seeerrrrrrrrruuuuuu…
    merah menyalaaa…

  2. ihiyy…ud dipasang ternyata yang bersama diriku..aduuh,itu posisinya tas gw ga enak bener daah..haha

    anw,foto2 dirimu dan misua gokil gokill!! seru deh liatnya :)

    • hihihi, iya dooonks, kan udah janji mau gw pasaaang cyiiin… :lol:
      iyoo, itu gara2 udah keberatan n pusing banget, jd mending dibawa gila2an aja deh supaya sakitnya ga begitu kerasa.. nanti kalo fokus ke sakitnya bisa2 jadi pengantin manyuuuuun.. hehehe ;-)

  3. love reds too ola!! :)
    aku nanti juga mau pake merah, cuman terancam ga jadi gara2 nemu kebaya pink yang bikin hati berdebar-debar :D

    • hihihi, yang penting kamu nanti pede say.. mau warna apapun ga masyalaaaah.. yang penting kamu akan merasa pede kalo make warna itu, terutama kalo kamu foto2 pake warna ituh.. :D

  4. suka…suka…suka..merahnya..

    Barakallah ya…the beauty of minang’s bride i ever seen


  5. Assalamu Alaikum, it’s my first time here.

    Your pictures look absolutely amazing, mashaAllah! The colors are so lively, and the happiness shines right through each picture.

  6. Assalamu Alaikum mba ola
    aku lita, baju pestanya indah banget mba, kebetulan aku juga dari minang & akan nikah tahun ini, kalau boleh aku mau contoh gaun pengantinnya mba ola boleh gak soalnya aku juga suka banget merah & silver … makasih sebelumnya

  7. Aq suka bajumu say..keren designya..salam kenal yah :)

  8. aku suka design bajumu..KEREN!!!!!! slm kenal yah :)

  9. wooww kerennn…
    pake make up dr mana dearr boleh tauuu hehheh :)

  10. Aaah..yes i can feel the happiness through these photo’s!Love the colours and the design also. But i kinda a bit worried…insyaallah nyiapin wedding sendiri beberapa bulan lagi, duh pening, bisa nggak yaa T___T
    anw, pake WO mana ini darling?#caricariinfo
    Thankyou :D

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